Yin | Pranayama | Detox this Saturday, March 3rd 2018!

Join Nadja to welcome in springtime by revitalizing yourself with a yoga-based cleanse. Spend an afternoon with Nadja in Yin Detox, a calming and purifying practice focusing on the flow of Prana (energy) in the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. Let Nadja guide you through fluid yin sequences aimed at stimulating your digestive and circulatory systems.

The asana practice is paired with Pranayama (controlled breathing) to strengthen the body-mind connection leading to emotional, mental, and physical clarity and well-being. This workshop is not for those who are pregnant, injured, or deeply fatigued. Please wear comfortable clothing.


Children’s Yoga Camp 2018

Summer is almost here!  Join us for our Fourth Annual Yoga Camps, where we incorporate movement, games, art, breath and simple meditation/concentration techniques to: 1) have fun; and 2) create strong and flexible bodies.

Session I:

June 25-28, 2018
7-10 year olds
Monday to Thursday; 1:30-4:30pm

Session II:

August 6-9, 2018
9-12 year olds
Monday to Thursday; 1:30-4:30pm

Each day of the Camp includes:

1) 2 – 45 minute yoga practices
2) 1 – 5-10 minute concentration/meditation/breath practices
3) creative use of mandalas/art projects
4) snack break in the middle of the practice
5) exposure to a variety of different poses to create strong and flexible bodies
6) most importantly: fun! everything we do is intended to spark joy in simple things.

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