Nike Yoga Camp!!


Nike Yoga Camps 2017

nike.pic.1Returning for our third summer!!  Superior, individualized instruction | Perfect for children of all ages and skill abilities | Curriculum designed by Ally Hamilton & Nike Yoga Ambassador, Leah Kim | Two 45 minute yoga practices | Focus on balance, strength and flexibility | Emphasis on mental focus, breathing techniques, and simple/fun ways to deal with typical stressors that children commonly face today, such as time management, awareness of feelings/emotions, social stressors, and of course academic stress.

Ages: 7-12; Co-Ed
Pricing: $180; Early Bird pricing ($165) ends 3/1/2017

To register or for more information: 1-800-Nike Camp |


Restorative Yin – Calm
with Alex Blefari and Leigh Stewart
3/31/2017 from 7:30 – 9pm

This yin yoga workshop will include:
Body system focus – nervous system
Asana (bodywork) – targets fight of flight muscle groups in the body, mainly the quadriceps as well as chest openers, connecting the body’s increased vulnerability and fearlessness with the calming of the nervous system. The asana portion of this class will explore a trauma-informed approach to movement.
Meditation – infinit hand mudra meditation
Pranayama (breathing) – 3 part yogic breath (belly breathing) proven to better oxygenate cells and decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety.
Oil essence – therapeutic grade essential oils to eliminate stress, reduce insomnia, reduce high blood pressure and bring a sense of peace into the body.

Registration: $35 | Early Bird Discount: $30, ends 3/29/17 After registration, please note there are no refunds, returns or exchanges. Thank you!


Relax and Restore
with Minjeong Kim
4/1/2017 from 4-6pm

Find comfort in your body and being by immersing yourself in this restorative yoga workshop.  In this two-hour practice, we will go over techniques of relaxation, become more aware of our state of being, de-stress, and relax by experiencing mindfulness, meditation and restorative yoga poses.  The aim is to feel resilient and abundant during the practice and beyond.  The class will be limited in size, so there will be ample opportunity for any physical assists and adjustments in supporting props to fit your body’s unique  needs.  Essential oils will also be used as part of the experience.

Registration: $45 | Early Bird pricing $40, ends 3/26/2017 |
Please note there are no refunds, returns or exchanges following enrollment.  Thank you!

Seasonal Qigong and Yin Yoga Workshop
with Al Perry
Spring Session workshop: 5/6/2017 from 1:30-3:30pm

Introducing this Seasonal Qigong and Yin Yoga mini-workshop series.  Each of the 5 seasons in Traditional Chinese Medicine has its unique effect on our energy (Qi/Prana). This series helps us find harmony with the influence of the season, to promote optimal wellness within our daily activities.

Within this Spring session, we will explore the value of Qigong and Yin Yoga. We will use these modalities to strengthen our being, using power vs. force. Qigong enlists the mind and breath as allies to imbue us with Nature’s energy (Qi); while Yin Yoga teaches our body to remodel the connective tissue for optimum muscular function, vitality, and pain-free movement through space.

Registration: $45 | Early Bird pricing $40, ends 5/1/2017 |
Please note there are no refunds, returns or exchanges following enrollment.  Thank you!


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