Teacher Training

RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training @ EWY!
As awareness and interest in yoga continues to grow, and more research scientifically proves the benefits of yoga and meditation, the need for qualified instructors grows as well!  We are proud and excited to offer our second 200 hour Teacher Training program.  Our background in teaching and education provides teacher trainees the education to be able to graduate this program well-equipped to begin their own yoga teaching practice and business.  Emphasis is placed on the foundations of yoga, the foundations of teaching, and an understanding of how to prepare for a variety of different classes, such as:

    • vinyasa
    • gentle
    • power
    • restorative
    • yin
    • pilates & core based practices
    • meditation and pranayama
    • pre/postnatal
    • qigong

Through introducing student teachers to such a wide variety of styles and philosophies, each trainee will be able to find and connect to his/her own teaching style more fully, and also to help determine whether or not to get more specialized training in a particular area.

Lead trainer is Amber East-D’Anna; co-trainers include Sorina Diaconescu, Phil Levesque, and AnnaLena Thilderkvist.

This program will not only prepare each person to create a thoughtful and inspired class, but will enable each student to more fully connect to a powerful and informative personal practice and guide each toward their own purpose, with kindness and compassion.
PRICING – Payment Plans Available.
Early bird pricing: $2900 if paid in full prior to July 1st; $3100 thereafter

Payment plan: $500 non-refundable deposit; 5 equal payments of $520 thereafter due on: 7/13/18; 8/1/18; 9/1/18; 10/1/18 and 11/1/18.

Please note: all above pricing includes a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Please email cupertinoyoga@gmail.com for details.
2018 DATES
We will meet: Friday weekends 5-8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-7 on the following weekends:

July 13th – 5-8pm; July. 14-15 (10am-7pm)

July 20, 5-8pm; July 21-22 (10am-7pm)

Aug. 3, 5-8pm; Aug. 4-5 (10-7pm)

Aug. 17 5-8pm; Aug. 18-19 (10am-7pm)

Sept. 7, 5-8pm; Sept 8-9 (10am-7pm)

Sept 21, 5-8pm; Sept 22-23, 10am-7pm

Oct. 5, 5-8pm; Oct. 6-7, 10am-7pm

Oct. 19, 5-8pm; Oct. 20-21, 10am-7pm

Last weekend, Friday and Saturday only: Nov. 2, 5-8pm; Nov. 3, 10-7pm
Please email cupertinoyoga@gmail.com for the application and for any further questions.