Thanks for a great week!

Thank you to all of you who attended the Grand Opening Free vinyasa flow class and gentle class.  It was a pleasure meeting so many new people with an interest in yoga from Cupertino and surrounding areas!

So, apparently the air conditioning wasn’t working properly last Sunday, so for those of you in the vinyasa class – I hope it wasn’t too hot!  We have had the HVAC company come out a few times – so I’ll let everyone know when it’s working better.

For those of you who enjoyed Melinda’s vinyasa class – she teaches Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm (although we will not have the evening class on Labor Day) and Saturday mornings.  For those of you who enjoyed Cassandra’s class – she teaches a gentle candlelight flow class on Friday evenings at 5:15pm.

Thank you for helping us create a more robust yoga and health community in the Cupertino area!  If you have any comments or suggestion on how to create an even more enjoyable experience at East West Yoga – please contact Amber at

Until next time,


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