Find the Right Class for You

Finding a yoga class that is just right for you will make your yoga experience even better. We offer a wide variety of classes for students of all kinds; from Basic Yoga to Power Yoga, Yoga for Tots to Family Yoga and so much more.

Looking for more exercise? Try Power Yoga, Warm Yoga Flow, or East West Barre.

Looking for a well-balanced class? Try Vinyasa Flow, Heart Centered Hatha, or  East West Barre.

Looking for a more basic class with a slower flow? Try  Gentle Yoga, or Restorative Yoga.

Baby and Me:
This class is for a parent and her baby and is a wonderful way to transition into parenthood and meet other yogis in a similar place in life.  These classes use the yoga postures to gain strength and flexibility and to find new ways to practice these poses that include your little bundle of joy (and perhaps sleeplessness)! This class helps bring a sense of balance to what can be both an extraordinarily wonderful and yet challenging time.

Breath and Meditation:
Basic meditation techniques and breath-work will be explored in a group setting to foster greater health and to release stress.  This 30 minute session is appropriate for everyone.

East West Barre:
This unique blend of dance and yoga provides strong core-building, creates lean muscles, and enhances flexibility.  Students can either use a dance barre or not – depending on their level of experience.  Although this class incorporates dance technique, the class encourages students to incorporate their breath and use the breath to flow in and out of both yoga and dance poses, in order to encourage students to leave the class and feel radiant.  No prior experience is needed, but either some dance, some pilates, or some yoga experience is recommended.

Family Yoga:
Moms, dads, and/or caregivers bring their children between ages 10 months – 4 years old in this creative, fun and hopefully inspiring class where the teachers use music and yoga postures to create an explorative class for both children and parent/caregiver.

Gentle Yoga:
This class is designed to work and relax the body as well as calm the mind through classical poses of yoga with a focus on breath connection.  This class focuses more on poses that calm the mind, and less on poses that generate significant heat in the body.  These classes are perfect for those who might be new to yoga, coming back to yoga after some time off or an injury.

Warm Yoga Flow:
Similar to the Vinyasa Flow class, this class is designed to challenge the body and calm the mind.  This class is lightly heated, to help also create warmth from the very beginning of class to encourage the muscles to melt both into their natural strength and flexibility.  The heat also encourages the body to naturally rid itself of toxins.  Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Power Yoga:
This physically rigorous yoga practice improves strength, flexibility, coordination and core-strength. This class is considered the western version of Indian Astanga Yoga, and is typically in a heated room. This class is an accessible way to get an great workout and become more limber with a fun and fast-paced flow.

Heart Centered Hatha Flow:
Heart Centered Hatha Flow artfully blends precise structural alignment with vinyasa including an emphasis on opening of and practicing from the heart.  The yoga class includes a heart-centered theme that gives more potency and meaning to each pose, the communal fabric of the group, and why we practice.  Detailed verbal cues of how to align each pose, hands-on adjustments, and demonstrations of poses with explanations are given.  The class also includes breath awareness and chanting.

Qi Gong:
This ancient Chinese system consists of of breathing exercises and gentle physical movements.  “Qi” means energy and “Gong” means to cultivate; and this practice has been around for over 2,000 years and is intended to help your body heal itself naturally. This slow paced class is excellent for seniors, students with some physical limitations, or students simply looking for a soothing and restorative practice.

Restorative Yoga:
With dynamic use of props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets, restorative classes allow the body to naturally release tension and surrender into a deeper sense of relaxation.  Students of all levels benefit from the deep relaxation provided by this class, and it is an excellent way to allow the body and mind to quiet and to release the daily stresses of modern life.

Vinyasa Flow:
This class is open to all, and is designed to stretch your body and raise your internal temperature.  This fun class provides options designed to challenge th body, calm the mind, and release toxins as you flow from pose to pose guided by your breath.  Intermediate poses are explored, including weight-bearing poses and inversions.  Prior yoga experience is helpful but not necessary.

Yoga Basics:
Offered once a week, this introductory class is designed to teach the foundational elements of yoga to newcomers.  Core themes and principles are explored on a rotating basis as well as repetition of basic physical alignment combined to ignite the discovery of your personal yoga practice.  This class is appropriate for beginners or students of all levels who are interested in focusing on these fundamental yoga concepts.

Yoga Tots:
This class is designed for children between ages 4 – 7 and the class incorporates yoga postures, creative movement and music to help children gain a strong sense of awareness of both their bodies and their breath in a fun way!