Private Lessons

East West Yoga offers private and semi-private lessons for students interested in more personalized attention.

Gentle or Restorative:
This is designed for the student who is perhaps healing from an injury, or dealing with ongoing issues that make a gentle or restorative practice imperative for nourishing his/her body and mind. Restorative yoga in particular encourages students to hold exceeding comfortable poses, giving his/her body an opportunity for the parasympathetic nervous system to activate in order for the body to heal itself.

A combination of Pilates and Vinyasa.  Using a lot of core based Pilates and yoga practices – this practice encourages strengthen the center of the body, not just the abs – but the sides and the back as well in order to alleviate all kinds of other issues, primarily low back pain.  We use conscious awareness of the entirety of the core as we move through other basic postures in order to find new strength and new ease in yoga poses, and ideally off the mat!

Flow based:
A juicy flow practice playing and exploring poses based on needs/desires of the student in order to grow your practice at your individualized pace.

Resilient Joy:
Using yoga poses, breath practices, meditation and discussion to tap into your intuitive center.  This is designed for the student who is interested in uncovering truths that they already “know” in their body, or deep in their soul, but are having trouble bringing in to their daily life.  This is designed for the student who is curious, interested and ready to be unconditionally kind to themselves, kind to others and make their positive impact in this world.Yoga session with Amber 90 mins: $150


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